lime green dirt bike

Well, I can’t actually say what it is, but that’s not really important.

I’m not really a fan of dirt bikes, but this particular bike is so darn cool that I can’t just ignore it. Not that I’m trying to, but if you’re a dirt bike guy, this is a pretty great opportunity to get some dirt on your bike.

Yes, I think it’s cool that the bike is lime green. This is because the bike came from a rather unglamorous project that is a combination of dirt and grass. The bike is basically a combination of dirt and mud. The mud is left behind from a previous bike, and the dirt is left behind from the previous bike and this bike.

This is also a bike that was a lot of work and was a lot of fun. It took some time to get it looking as good as it does, but it’s finally looking like a real dirt bike. But then it didn’t leave any mud behind. The result is a bike that looks like it had some mud on it. But then I can’t tell you what the dirt was, because I dont think anyone cares.

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