7 Best Methods to Convert a PDF File into Word Format


Word or PDF is among the most used file formats in the present, but there’s no way to convert a pdf file into Word format.

There are a variety of reasons you’d need the conversion of a PDF document to Word The most common reason is in order to make the possibility of creating an customizable version from an already existing file. Whatever the motive, this guide will explain how to convert PDF files to Word.

How to convert PDF into Word within Windows

If you’re using a Windows PC or a Mac and Mac, we’ll walk you through the various methods to convert an PDF file to the format of a Word file. The most effective method is based on the programs you’re familiar with like Word Google Docs or Adobe Acrobat, and your personal preferences.

Convert a PDF file to Word using Microsoft Word

It is possible to convert PDF files to Word in Microsoft Word. This process will transform your PDF into the format of a DOCX file, where the document is mostly text.

Note When your PDF has been converted, the formatting, including breaks between lines and pages could differ from the original document.

1. Open the Word document, then select “File” > Open and then locate the PDF file and click the Open. The PDF file will be opened in Word. file in Word.

2. You might get a message which says Word is now converting your PDF into the editable format. Select OK to continue.

3. Word will convert the PDF file into editable Word document that you can edit the text, copy, or cut it, and edit the text. When you’re finished, Word will automatically save the edited document as a DOCX document in its default file location.

Convert PDF Files to Word by using Adobe Acrobat

It is possible to convert a PDF into Word format with Adobe Acrobat but the feature is only accessible in premium versions of Adobe Acrobat.

1. Download Adobe Acrobat DC Choose from the File to Open Choose the PDF file and choose the option to open it..

2. On the right side, click the Export option to Microsoft Word (*.docx).

3. Choose Convert.

4. If you’re prompted to do so, sign into your Adobe account. Your transformed PDF will be opened in Word.

Convert PDF into Word Utilizing Google Docs

Google Docs has improved over time with more advanced editing, formatting, and markup tools. It is possible to utilize Google Docs to convert a PDF into Word and quickly organize paragraphs and text with its sophisticated styling and editing tools.

1. Start Google Docs and then click on the plus symbol to open an blank document.

2. On the brand New Google Docs page, select File > Open.

3. Click the Upload tab, and then click Choose an image on your computer >> Click Open.

4. It will be opened in a brand new tab. Choose Open using and then Google Docs to open the PDF as an Google Doc file.

5. Choose the File > Create an exact copy.

6. Choose the destination you’d like to save the document and then click “OK”..

Convert a PDF file to Word Format CamScanner

If you’re looking the conversion of a PDF document to Word and preserve the original layout of the file it is possible to use CamScanner pdf to Word convertor. This online tool converts documents from PDF format in PDF format to Word format and is compatible with any browser on the internet, and doesn’t require you to install any software or download an application.

1. Start the CamScanner’s PDF to Word conversion tool and then select Files on your PC or Mac to load the PDF file. You can drag and drop your PDF files onto CamScanner webpage.

2. The conversion will take a while to finish and then select the Download option and save it to your computer.

How to convert PDF to Word on Mac

There are a variety of options available to you on your Mac to convert the PDF file into Word format for easier editing and formatting. They include Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Automator or a no-cost online converter tool.

Converting PDF into Word using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is an upgrade plan that lets users to convert PDF files to Word format from the PDF. You can try the seven-day trial edition of the program in case you only need to convert a handful of documents or pay for the monthly fee if you want to convert PDFs into Word regularly.

1. Go to https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/acrobat/how-to/pdf-to-word-doc-converter.html and select Start free trial.

2. Select Get started.

3. Then, you’ll need to then, center on your mail address and select your package you’d like to join and then choose to continue.

Note that if you’re making use of the service for only one time document conversion ensure that you end the subscription before the trial period of seven days expires otherwise the money will be collected at the time of 8 8 day. If you decide to cancel however, you’ll still be able to access the service to browse documents, submit forms and leave comments.

1. Log in or create Your Adobe account.

2. Input your payment details and click Start a trial trial for free..

3. Choose “Get Started” and the program will be downloaded onto your Mac. When the download is completed you can double-click the Adobe Pro DC file download to begin the installation.

4. Install and download Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Log in with an account on your mac’s user name and password and then sign in using you Adobe Acrobat logins. Choose to continue.

5. Choose to begin installation and then wait for installation to finish After which the program will start immediately.

6. Then, choose the file then File > Open and then select the PDF file you wish to convert into Word.

7. Choose the Export PDF option from the menu vertically on the right.

8. Then you will need to select your Microsoft Word option and then click Export..

9. Select the destination you’d like to save the file within the Mac, rename the file, if you wish to, and then click the Save option. The file that was converted will automatically open in Word after the conversion process is completed.

convert PDF into Word Using Automator

Automator is a frequently overlooked program that is installed on every Mac computers, which is used for the creation of workflows. It automatizes routine tasks, and makes the use of your Mac much more simple than it is.

You can utilize Automator to save PDF files to a high-quality text document that can be opened with Word to save in an Word document.

1. Choose > Go >> Application > Automator.

2. In the Choose a Type for your documents popup, choose the Workflow > Select.

3. Next, click Files and Folders on the left side. to the left.

4. Choose the option to Ask for Items to Finder and drag the entry into the open space. The new window will open in the area you dropped the entry in.

5. Return to the column on the left and click on pdfs.

6. Choose Extraction PDF Text within the center column. Drag it into the empty space beneath the Ask for Finder Items box.

7. Then, choose the Rich Text option from the Extract PDF Text box.

8. Choose the File and then save and then give the new workflow an alias.

9. In lieu of Workflow, click Applications in the middle of The File Format and save the workflow wherever you’d like in your Mac.

10 Double-click the folder that contains the workflow that you have just made, and then double-click on the robotic icon with the name you chose for it.

11.Select your PDF file , and then click the option to convert it. This way, the PDF file will be converted and saved as Rich Textfile within the same folder as the PDF file.

12. Right-click the Rich Text document, move your mouse’s pointer over the Open With and then choose Word.

If the file is opened in Word the file can be saved it as the standard Word document. From this point, if you’d like change a PDF document to Word format You can make use of the workflow program you’ve just made.

Convert PDF files to Word with a no-cost Online Tool

If the process of using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC or Automator appears to be a lengthy and time-consuming process it is possible to convert a PDF file into Word format with the online tool for conversion. Some of the top free online converters include Smallpdf, Nitro, UniPDF, CamScanner or WPS PDF to Word converter.

In this tutorial we made use of Smallpdf for conversion of PDF in Word format on Mac. Mac.

1. Visit Smallpdf PDF and convert it to Word in a web browser using your Mac.

2. Choose the Files tab to locate the PDF file you want to upload it to Smallpdf . You can also drag and drop it into the blue area on the Smallpdf website page. It is also possible to click on the Arrow following Select Files and select the file’s location you wish to open the PDF file.

3. Choose Convert To Word and then wait for the Word file to change.

4. After you’ve done that, click the downward arrow next to the file’s name and download the file as a DOCX. The file can be saved for storage in Google Drive or Dropbox or click the envelope icon in order to create an internet-based link.

Convert PDFs into Word to allow for Easy Editing

Converting a PDF document in Word format isn’t difficult to accomplish if you know how to do it. The most efficient option is to use an online tool like Soda Pdf since all you have to do is upload your document and the program rapidly converts it to an Word document which you can then download, edit and save on either your computer or to cloud storage.

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